The results of the search engines are the biggest goal for every blog or site owner, and quite simply the biggest reason for getting visitors and thus increasing profits, because we definitely know that search engines, especially Google, are the biggest source of traffic to sites and therefore everyone's goal is to top his keywords search engines .
And in this framework, we present to you today the 30 most important factors for exporting the search engines, and that if you follow them correctly, I will guarantee that your site or your blog tops the search engines, especially since everyone cares only about backlinks.

The top 30 steps to top search engine 2020 results

30 factors to produce search engine results

1/ site age

The age of the site is one of the factors that search engines lead, but it is not the most important because the domain is old, of course, it has earned the trust of search engines, but it is not the most important component. .

2/ keywords at the beginning of the domain

When buying a domain, the keyword you are targeting should be at the beginning (best if the keyword is the domain itself)
Because that will help you top your keyword on search engines, as this is one of the most important SEO factors.

3/ The duration of the domain reservation

The duration of the domain reservation is an important factor in the major search engines, since a domain reserved for one year is not the same as a domain reserved for five years, since the second one will surely provide good content and my grandfather You will have more than one domain reserved for only one year, as you will notice that unfortunately most of it is spam.

4/ Domain and history file

The history of the domain and its archive is very important in the factors that the search engines issued because the old domains that were previously punished by the Google search engine or that were considered spam or have harmful backlinks, will of course be Failed domains and you should never buy them because it simply contributes to your site or blog failing before creating it.

5/ the quality of the domain

According to leading SEO and search engine experts, domain quality is an important factor in issuing your keyword, which means that most say .COM domains are much better than the rest, and NET domains they come. The .ORG ranked second.

6/ keywords with title

Placing your target keyword in the <title> tag is an important factor in setting up your site for search engines or the so-called internal SEO of the site or blog, and it has a significant impact on search engines.

7/ Existence of the keyword in the title

The presence of the keyword with the article title is an important factor for search engine issuance, especially if the target word is at the beginning of the title and its value decreases as you move away from the beginning. According to MOZ, the addresses that start with the keyword are much lower than those in the middle, etc.

8/ Add the keyword with the description

Some believe that adding the keyword to the description is no longer important, but according to my personal experience and according to big SEO sites like Traffic Travis, the description is still one of the important factors for issuing the search. motors

9/ Add the H1 tag to the article

The search spiders once you enter your site and the article you write after searching for the H1 tag after searching for the <title> tag first, so it is very important that the keyword is with this tag,

10/ Repeat the keyword with the article

By entering the search spiders for your article, you will know its quality through many factors, but the repetition of a word is evidence that this word is the most important on the page and through which you will know that it is the target word (Be careful with caution when completing keywords, you are doing the opposite and will evaluate your article on It's just spam)

11/ length of article content

The length of the article content has a significant impact on the evaluation of article spiders as good and is an important factor in the issuance of search results. If your currently published article is 600 words long and you have written good 1000 word content, you are more likely to be able to skip it in the search results.

12/ Explanation of the target keyword

Always try to remember that search spiders and Google spiders in particular are just algorithms that do not parse as much as you take the information, i.e. if you just point to orange try to be your keyword company orange because the search spiders search if left in the first form will classify them in an article about oranges This is not an article about the telecommunications company and therefore the file is successful.

13/ Hide site owner information

Most statistics say that Google's search engine punishes new sites and that their owners can get past violations on other sites, so I personally advise you when buying Joudadi domain or others to add information to hide their personal data from search engines so that you are not punished by your other sites.

14/ page loading speed

It is the important factor but rather the most important thing currently to be issued to the search engines, as Google no longer accepts heavy sites and pages that do not open to the winner until after a large period of time so I advise you personally if your article is full of pictures to improve these images and reduce their size in order to decrease the page load size and There are not many useful Java CSS codes,

15/ copied content

Once you enter the search spiders for your article and find that the content is literally copied (here we are talking about literal copies different from reformulating the idea) it will throw it in the last results and this will not only hurt that article but Google's evaluation of your site in full.

16/ update content

Search engines know that the new information is much better than the old one because it is up-to-date so if your article is a forerunner of the search results, update it constantly because that is a sign and a sign for the search engines that the content is still new and is beneficial to the visitor so my brother I advise you to add new information always for your articles attached to pictures and video and Not just some words.

17/ Keyword tags in H2 and H3 tags

It is not the most important factor, but placing the keyword in the H1 and H2 tags is a clear guide to search spiders that you target that word and it is important on your site or article, so do not neglect it when you write a new topic.

18/ Use of secondary keywords

Always try to use secondary keywords or synonymous with the word you are targeting so that repeating the word itself is not just stuffing search spiders count as spam and an example of that if the target word is profit from the internet write it in different ways such as ways to profit from the Internet and profit from the Internet in 2020 .

19/ spelling errors and taking into account the correct expression

If your site is in English or Arabic or any language, try to avoid spelling mistakes that seriously harm your article, that is, you should never neglect the point, separator, and other marks that you need to build a correct and understandable article.

20/ internal links to other articles

This factor is very important and is one of the most important conditions for the internal configuration of the site for search engines, as the internal links to other articles contribute to the visitor staying the longest time on your site and thus improving the bounce rate on your site.

 21/ Edit deleted links

Always make sure that your site or one of your articles leading the search engines does not have deleted links because this is a direct sign that the content is no longer good or that it is old or that the site owner no longer cares about it so Google will downgrade its ranking.

22/ links length

Long links are not recommended for search spiders, and they do great harm to pages.

23/ useful content

Useful content according to my personal opinion is the most important factor in the top search engines, as content is the main reason for a visitor to enter your page, and then he must find what he is looking for and that written words are not just written articles without any meaning for search spiders as some do, for reference There are many factors that enable search engines to know that the content of your article is important and useful, the most important of which is the percentage of publishing on social networking sites, meaning that a visitor has entered your article and has gone astray for more than two minutes, then he published the article via Facebook or Twitter, and then entered a new link in Your site is a great guide that the content liked.

24/ pages contact us

Be sure to add a contact us page with your information, such as e-mail and your personal phone, on this page, as Google indicated, because it gives great value to the sites that offer contact information more than others.

25/ SSL Certificate

Since 2016, Google has explicitly announced that it is giving more value to sites that operate on the HTTPS protocol, and that it is even placing it in advanced ranks in the search results.

26/ Attach YouTube videos to the article

We all know that YouTube is one of Google’s products now that you have purchased it, and therefore, your use of YouTube and adding videos from it exclusively is a big and important factor in giving a strong boost to your site in search engines except that it also contributes to improving the rate of visitor stay on your site.

27/ Improve your site for smartphones

Improving the appearance of your site in smartphones so that they are compatible with all phones, taking into account all screens of different sizes and that it does not differ from the web version.

28/ backlinks to your EDU and GOV site

If your site or article has backlinks (educational, government (.Udu) or government (.GOV), this is conclusive evidence that the content you provide is of high quality, and thus the search engines will make you the first results.

29/ high-bonded background links

If you get back links from large sites with a high authority, then this is without a doubt that your site offers unique content and thus the search engines trust it (beware of buying backlinks, if you are aware of the search engines, they will punish you forever).

30/ Social Signals

The last factor for the issuance of search engines in our article today is the Social Signals that the article obtains. Increase the Twitter article and put like and post via Facebook, especially adding +1 in Google Plus, it will contribute greatly to raising the results of your article in the engines and will give it a strong push to be able to export Soon.
These are the most prominent factors that I see personally the most important in the search engines lead, but they are not the only ones. There are many internal and external factors that influence your site to improve it and facilitate its discovery by search spiders.

Good luck everyone, and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.