Do you want to profit from games? Do you have talents in computer and phone games and want to learn how to win from them? So my friend, I advise you to follow this explanation carefully and read it carefully, dear followers of the profits blog, I will explain to you the best 5 ways to profit from games that I personally consider one of the easiest ways to profit from the Internet for beginners and that achieve great profits.

Profit from games: 5 ways to make big profits

# 1 YouTube

Our article opened in the field of profit from YouTube because it is the best place for everyone who really wants to profit from online games, all my friend needs is to create a YouTube channel and record clips for you while you are playing the game or explain the secrets of the game, especially the experience of game characters, weapons and everything The game pertains to detailed videos and specially explains everything new in the game and explains remembering profit details and ways to classify you in the first ranks, especially profit scams in this game, of course my friend, you have to choose a suitable title for your videos an attractive title that encourages people to watch your videos to include the largest number of Watch your videos, like "and brother" Ra got the golden box! Taalo to discover its content. "
 You have to be a race to publish everything new in the game and you will be surprised by a very high number of subscriptions and views because in general the Jiming field in YouTube is a very profitable field and it brings a very high number of views exceeding a million per video, perhaps this is because it is an entertainment or a famous field and The proof of this Tunisian player, Hashish, who started in 2019 with a channel with 0 views and subscriptions and ended the year as the owner of the largest YouTube channel in Tunisia, bypassing all the singers, and this confirms the strength and popularity of this field.
Of course, in order to earn money, your channel needs to exceed 1,000 subscribers and more than 4000 hours in the last 12 months to request earning from your channel and withdraw your profits via Google AdSense.

# 2 Shipping Games

Earning money from charging games is one of the most popular ways to profit from Android games, as this is the simplest and easiest way to sell, charge, and balance electronic games, meaning that you sell Free Fire jewels, for example. All people want to buy game characters, clothes, and dances. Especially there are the stages of the game and in fact in our world it is difficult for this here comes your role so all you have to do is download offers to sell jewelry for the game or charge any game of fame and attractive offers and here comes the real profit, for example you buy 1000 jewels at 15 dollars and you sell it divided Or one payment of 25 or 30 dollars and increase your profit margin as the quantity increased, perhaps Your question and how will I get a credit to sell it is really simple. Either you follow our free explanations to get Google Play, Steam, or other cards, or you can start with a capital that means collecting money and buying a card and buy a Google card or other to ship games easy either online or If you own a relative or a friend of yours in Europe or America who buys you and then pays him or shares the profit with him, you can also buy credits and resell them and get through them a profit margin that increases them the more the quantity and you can promote your offers by creating a Facebook page with your offers or entry For gaming groups and presenting your offers to people.

# 3 Instagram

If you want to create wealth and be patient I advise you in this field because it is a treasure fact that you have to open an Instagram account and dedicate it only to display games and their features and videos for you while you are playing or explaining an important thing or a new trick to exceed a certain level, believe me once you gather a good number of followers Many companies that sell electronic or other products will contact you, for example, I have a friend who likes the call of duty game and he has almost 5,000 followers on Instagram. A company called him and sent him bluetooth headphones in exchange for him in the last video of photographing headphones or saying the truth of these headphones is great and helped me very much in Profit and victory in this game or photograph a picture of headphones and You can keep it with a sum of 5 euros for the service, I mean, you think that it is really wonderful and very profitable, and gathering a number of followers is very easy if you specialize in the field of games because all people of different ages love games, the problem of profit from instagram in this field is to enlarge the account through real followers And interacting with your posts, and it requires some patience and fatigue, but then believe me, you will be making huge profits especially for advertisements, reviews, and others.

# 4 contests

If you are a game addict and you have great skills that make you always superior to your friends, I inform you that you can now profit from the games that you believe by participating in games competitions that are held globally such as the global PUBG tournament or Fortnite tournament that offers great financial prizes for all the winners where it is estimated that the prizes of competitions Fortnite year 2020 to $ 100 million.
Here, for example, is a successful example of the famous ninja player who collects more than 300 thousand dollars annually from competitions and this live broadcast without counting the profits of YouTube, Instagram and others.

# 5 Increase your site’s revenue

If you have a technical or news site, you can increase your profits by earning articles from writing articles in the games field and provide news about the most successful and most successful Android games every month and offer more games that achieve large profits monthly. Therefore, most of these fans will follow the content that you provide and Thus, of course, additional profits.
You can also set up simple competitions on a balance, and the competition link is your site link where the participants find your competition on the site or you can include your site in all of your explanations, this will increase the number of visitors to your site and thus your profits.

Tips to increase your income from profit from online games

First, I target new games that did not go around explanations and did not occur to talk about them, and of course there are no games for you to choose games that you expect to download quickly from a large number, I mean, for example, if you use some statistics of survey sites or depend on your experience, in general, games like Free Fire PUBG and Call Of Duty will sweep the gaming field
Secondly, develop your experience with these games and quickly master them and get to know all their details and advantages, especially if there are characters or weapons you get in the advanced stages of the game you must reach and experience it