The Google Adsense platform is the best for everyone who wants to work in the field of blogging and earn money through its blog because it is the most reliable among all companies. You are dealing with the giant Google company and also the most profitable. Everyone who works in the field of profit from Adsense knows that the price of one click may exceed 10 dollars, especially if the visits and clicks are from rich countries like America and Canada.
So today I wanted to share with you my wonderful experience in this field and how I managed to achieve more than $ 936 dollars in less than a month through profit from Adsense Arbitrage.

What is the meaning of Adsense Arbitrage?

Adsense Arbitrage is what is called the Adsense Arbitration System, which is simply a system based on buying and selling at the same time, which means that you simply buy traffic or traffic at a cheap price and sell it at a more expensive price to other advertisers.
For example, he worked on buying cheap visits from Facebook for 0.1 dollars and winning through the clicks that come to your site by clicking on Google Adsense ads, which are usually at a much more expensive price.
There are many sites that enable you to buy visits at a cheap price, and Facebook is the most popular among marketers, but according to my experience, I used to work on the following date from Facebook, but there are many problems that faced me, the most important of which is disabling the advertising account and the price of clicks and campaigns. Advertising is not always successful.

What are the most important and best sources of traffic?

There are many excellent traffic sources for Adsense (of course we talk about real, not fake, visits) that can easily offset the purchase of visits on Facebook.
Personally, I tried dealing with Reddit ads (I advise them to everyone who wants to profit from cpa) and also Pinterest ads which I see are very expensive even though the visits you get are of excellent value (I recommend them to everyone who owns a store and sells women's products on Shopify ).

Native ads

This type is highly recommended for anyone who wants to work on AdSense, it is an excellent traffic and the price per click is cheap compared to other traffic sources.
For everyone who does not know the meaning of native ads, they are simply the ones that you find at the bottom of the article in the form of pictures and like other articles related to the article that you accessed.

What is the relationship between the profit from the federal site and the profit from facebook adsense arbitrage?

Certainly, you have noticed that everyone who talks about profit from Adsense Arbitrage via Facebook only mentioned profit from the Ferral sites and the reason is due to the fact that the federal sites are loved by people, so the topics that are addressed in it increase the percentage of interaction in Facebook through publishing and making lakes and placing comments There are many, therefore, if you create a site for all of its topics, and you post that topic on Facebook and make a funded announcement, then the price of a click will be cheap, because the rule says the more interaction and clicking on that funded publication, the lower the price of the click.
In a clearer way, what I meant is that if you made an advertisement on Facebook and paid for the 0.01 $ click with 1000 clicks, 321 posts, 477 like for the post and 33 comments, the price that you will pay in this example is $ 10, but the secret that happened is that you are in fact I got more than 2000 clicks and that through the people who made a share for your post so sure that their friends will enter that article (of course it is a feral article) and thus you get free clicks and naturally and this is what makes it the best traffic source for the people who work in the Adsense field Shakiness with Feral articles.

Why do I need to start in the field of Adsense Arbitrag?

Of course, what you need is blogging and choosing articles that encourage people to interact with them by publishing them and choosing the appropriate template that encourages clicking on ads.
If you are a beginner, you can start via the Blogger platform, but I advise everyone who can buy hosting to work on WordPress, it is much better in terms of SEO, and it is also the most important factor to increase the percentage of your ads appearing, the article splitting feature that contributes to maximizing your profits via Adsense, it is very similar Adsense ads, meaning that the percentage of pressure on them will be large, which will help to raise the percentage of CTR in your account and raise the percentage of views at the same time until it occurs for all any problems in your account.
Profit from Adsense Arbitrage and how it managed to make $ 470 in less than a month
If you want to find a unique hosting for your website with a great price, I advise you to hostGator and use the ALARBE7 coupon which will give you a 61% discount when purchasing the hosting.
As for the feature of splitting the article into paragraphs, the best addition that I currently use in WordPress templates is the Theyapostslider paid addition, which I provide to you for free from the link to download split articles

What is the best profit for Adsense? Blogger or WordPress?

Of course, as I indicated in the previous feature, a transition feature in the same article is available for free in WordPress templates, but unfortunately it is not present in blogger templates, meaning that even if you search for a professional designer who added it to your own template or created a professional blogger template with this feature, it will have many problems.
Of course there are many excellent WordPress themes that I personally recommend to use if you want to work in the field.