University email is simply an educational email or what is called in English Edu Email, it is usually used in universities to communicate between students and professors and it is usually paid, especially for private universities that offer subscription services via the Internet or education services through the home.
Of course, there is a big difference between regular e-mails, such as general e-mails, which are usually via Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or others. This type of e-mail is similar to

Benefits of obtaining an American educational e-mail

 1 Amazon Prime free account for 6 months

When you create an account on the Amazon website and request to obtain the features of Prime Prime account, the site will ask you to enter your educational email to take advantage of all its special offers such as a giant library of films and series for free, in addition to many services and other special offers for a period of 6 months.

 2 domain paid .Me for one year for free

We explained in the profit blog many ways that you can use to profit from blogging by creating your own website and buying a paid domain, but did you know my friend that when you own a university email or educational email, you can get a free .me domain from Namecheap for a year.
To get the offer, it is sufficient to enter from the Namecheap Education Program link and choose the domain that suits you and, of course, activate it via your educational email.

3 Endless storage space from Google Drive for free

When you have a university email, my friend, you have the right to get a G Suite account for students and thus also get an account from Google Drive with endless storage space.
You can request the offer by logging in from the G Suite for Education link and activating your account via the mentioned email.

 4 All Microsoft Office 365 software is free

Yes, as my friend heard, you can order all Microsoft Office 365 programs such as Word, Excel and other paid programs for free via this type of email.

How to get an American educational email for free

Now we will talk about how to get an American educational e-mail with ease and a short period of time, by entering the place designated for participation at the University of Chicago by entering the City Colleges of Chicago link and then adding your current e-mail, preferably to Gmail to accelerate acceptance of approval, God willing, and obtain On account.

They will send you an email via your account with the activation code, then they ask you for many of the information you need to create the account, which you must enter all of you as if you were an American citizen (do not forget that the American University) so you can use a site to create fake American characters to facilitate obtaining information about the address Phone number .

 How do I use university email to make money online?

As we mentioned earlier for the most important benefits of university e-mail, you find that people are panting to get this type of e-mail, and therefore this is a great opportunity for us lovers to profit from the Internet to achieve a fortune by selling this type of e-mail.
Here, I recommend selling at big sites like eBay, where each email is sold for about $ 2, and every seller gets a large number of sales.