Each of us offers content that you find seeking to get as many , readers as possible so that it gets the        money 
Anyone who wants to submit written content must first learn how to write, taking into account the   criteria of search engines or SEO
  This is because the majority of visits are from search engines so if you are interested in this topic
follow me and focus well

 What do we mean by SEO-compliant content

SEO is a shorthand for search engine optimization, which means improving the results in search engines or in other words improving a website on the Web. Configure and adjust your site to get the approval of search engines, and thus the emergence of the site in the first results of all search engines, which is what all sites seek to achieve and benefit greatly.

Steps to export search results

Choose an attractive title

It is well received by the search engines and is one of the most important steps in creating content according to SEO standards.

Write useful content

Write useful content specific to your site, useful and exclusive content, not copied or transmitted exclusive content.

Select keywords

When you start writing any article for the site and this content is compatible with the criteria of the search must be selected and specified keywords for the subject included in the article, which is one of the most important steps of the criteria of SEO that helps the site to be easily recognized by search engines and access to users and searchers for that keyword.

Choose relevant images

It is necessary to choose a picture compatible with the subject of the article and a great degree of clarity, in order to attract both users and search engines, and received the approval of search engines and thus issued the first results of search engines.

Distance from transportation from other website

We must stay away from the idea of copying and transporting from other sites because they significantly harm the recognition of search engines on your site and therefore issued different search engines, and harm your site significantly because the failure to provide new content and exclusive and effective for the reader is not feasible new, but harms the site duplicator because it is theft and assault on Rights and intellectual property of others.

Backlink internal

It is very important to link the internal topics and articles of the site together. Internal links are one of the most important factors and criteria of SEO

Backlink external

By marketing the article that was written to attract readers and search engines, by marketing it by using the link of the article and publish it on the pages of social networking sites of the site and this helps greatly to identify search engines faster on the content of the site and thus the first search results.

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