Profit from shortcut links is one of the best and easiest areas of profit from the Internet in 2020 for starters, especially with the increasing and proliferation of links shortcut sites that pay a good percentage decided to offer you important strategies that enable you to achieve more than $ 30 per 
day of the best links shortcut sites .

For those who do not know how to make money from this area it is very easy as you choose a site link or a product or an important link and you shorten it through one of the profitable sites that broadcast their ads to reach that link and you pay for it for every thousand skip between 8 To $ 30 per CPM for each site, so I will give you the best sites that you must participate now to make a big profit 
from this wonderful and easy.

Profit Methods from Shortcut Links

Profit from shortening links by deploying them in large groups

This method of profit is easy and its profits can exceed $30 per day and most importantly it is very suitable for beginners because it is simply a way to profit without investing any you will shorten the link and published in large group related to the same link field that you shortened to get targeted visits and ensure That people click on your link.
Here my brother give you a magical advice to increase your profits madly, which instead of publishing a short link directly that you put a motivational post about the content of that link with the addition of an attractive image to attract the attention of members of the group and to send the link to everyone who put a comment Post Asst interested in that link and ensure that Your post reaches the largest number of people and ensures that your profits are doubled easily because everyone who is commenting is someone who is interested in any rate that exceeded that link will be large and that your profits will be excellent.

Profit from shortening links without publishing them

The second way to profit in the field of shortening links through the use of Facebook, you will promote through your page for an article or video that you have shortened previously through one of the sites shortcut trusted links with the development of an attractive image to bring the largest number of interactors with the post.
I will give you an excellent idea that contributes to increase your profits is that looking for an article or video that is strange and pulls people or content in which a great controversy this will contribute to profit from Facebook easily as the cost of advertising funded by you will be low compared to the profits you will make from shortcut sites Links.
Suppose you spent 20 dollars in your campaign and came to each ad by more than 10,000 skip the ad and assume that CPM that site is $ 10 will be your profits $ 100
That is, you spent $ 10 to earn 100 and your return is $ 90.

What is the best site I recommend in the field of shortening links?

Linkfinal site

It is one of the best sites profit from shortening links for beginners with great features to provide when registering and work such as providing $ 5 as a gift for anyone who requests the first withdrawal of money and also offers a GoPro camera gift for everyone who requests to withdraw $ 50 from the site.
The site features good profits of $ 20 per 1000 visits and the site is honest

Link717 website

There are many sites that work in this wonderful field, but I personally recommend link717 because I personally dealt with him many times and has proven his credibility in paying all subscribers, especially CPM excellent for all countries that exceed $ 15.
For reference only these sites are not the only ones where you can also use other large sites such as the site shortcut links getsurl