If you want to work on the Internet in 2019, you will find many different areas and various of them what needs investment and some of which is easy and free, but the profit from Google Adsense is the best and easiest currently, especially as you are dealing with a reliable company, a Google company and most importantly, withdraw your money easy In various countries, especially that AdSense withdrawals are usually via Western Union or direct bank transfer, which means you will be comfortable with all the problems of PayPal and bank cards.

What is Google AdSense? How can I profit from it

My friend should understand that Adsense is an advertising company that follows Google, its goal is to pay for the addition of ads to the site and also simplify the work of the publisher by displaying many statistics that help him to improve his profits.
Simply, Google Ads enables owners of sites that are looking to increase the number of visitors or advertising their sites from advertising. And Google Adsense takes the creation of advertising codes belonging to those advertisers and give them to publishers to publish on their sites, ie, Google acts as an intermediary between the advertiser who wants Obviously, Google Ads will not display any ads on any site, but it uses a very intelligent system to include ads that are compatible with the content and with the quality of the site.

What do I need to get a Google AdSense account

 Create a website or blog

To start earning from Google Adsense my friend needs to have a blog or website to request activation of income access to the codes of ads because you will later paste them in your site.

What platform do I need to create a site or blog

There are many platforms that enable you to blog for free or paid way and the most famous platforms used in the world are the blogger platform and WordPress platform

Create a blog on the blogger platform

If you are a newbie in the field and do not have capital to start work and want to profit from Google Adsense 2019 I advise you directly to work on the blogger platform because it is free and it bears any number of visitors because hosting is affiliated with Google.
The most important advantage, according to my opinion is that signing up for the blog platform is very easy because having a Gmail account automatically gives you the possibility to create a blog on the blogger, and most importantly, it is also easy to control and manage for beginners.
Blogger templates are widely distributed on the web and most of them are free so you can easily search for a template that fits your domain.

Create Wordpress Blog

If you want to professional blogging and the creation of a successful blog and fast spread, especially friendly to sites for search sites, you Bmnso WordPress because it is the best frankly, as I have shown the previous image most used for all bloggers in the world.
To get a WordPress blog, you need to buy a powerful paid hosting to install Wordpress.
There are many excellent hosts and I personally recommend HostGator because it is the best in terms of price and it bears a large number of visitors and there is almost no problems.

 Start blogging and write exclusive high quality articles

If you want to earn money from Google Adsense, my friend should have a good website and have a successful blog by writing exclusive articles (you should always write new articles and avoid copying).
Here are the most important steps recommended by my friend to write great articles loved by Google
Create an engaging title for the article
Writing a good and attractive title is one of the most important reasons for the success of the article and bring the reader, so I recommend that you think good and smartly choose the title of the article because it is the main reason why the visitor prefer to enter the topic you wrote compared to the rest of the search engine results.
The address should be easy and clear what I advise you to do is to put yourself in the place of the visitor and guess whether you like this address and push you to enter the article or not.
Never write a title that differs from the content of the article only to attract visitors because it will make the visitor come out immediately after entering, a bad sign for Google that the content of the article is bad and you also lost the confidence of that visitor will not enter again to your site even if you wrote thousands of excellent topics later.
Use attention-grabbing words such as secrets, hidden things, clever way, facts, a comprehensive guide and I also recommend you to use lists like this topic in which you mentioned the best ways to profit and titled the best 7 ways to profit from the Internet without capital.
Format the content of the article
Division of the article you write is very important, especially focusing on the introduction because it will encourage the reader to follow and read to the end and can go to your other articles, especially if you like the content you provide.
I also advise you to be interested in using the keywords that the visitor is looking for in the title of the article and while you write the article this will help you in providing content to the search engine, which will contribute to you later in obtaining high quality free visits and thus increase your profits later from Google Adsense.

Add visual content to the a
The addition of visual content such as YouTube videos or infographic contributes significantly to improve the quality of the article only the latest statistics that the content of visual content, especially infographic is the articles that get the largest number of posts on social networking sites and the longest stay of the visitor.

Bring visitors to your blog

The biggest mistake in which most of the request for the AdSense account and gets rejection from Google is that it does all the previous steps of the establishment of the blog and write articles and forget to bring visitors to his blog!
The easiest way to get visitors is through SEO or search engine, but it takes a long time to lead and get the trust of Google, so the fastest way to increase visitors is through social networking sites, especially Facebook.
You can post your article links in groups that include a large number of active members interested in the same content of your posts.

How to profit from the Internet? From Google AdSense a monthly salary of $ 3,000

Once you have created a regular Google AdSense account you can now my friend as I said to earn more than $ 1000 per month and can even get a monthly income exceeding $ 3000 from Google Adsense.
Personally, I managed to make these profits and more by creating Feral articles and bringing visitors to them.

How to profit from Google Adsense without owning a site

Previously, you had enough Adsense account to take the ad code and paste it into any new site and start profit and Dahr the so-called profit area of ​​Google Adsense without owning a site, of course this is currently from the past after the latest Google update has become adsense manually review all sites that want to Adding them to your account in order to show ads on them and this will inevitably contribute to improve the quality of content because the publisher will only provide high quality blogs until accepted by Google.

In the end I want to do that this article is not just an account of my wonderful experience with profit from Google AdSense, but it is a comprehensive guide for everyone who wants to start in the field of blogging and start to reap the first profits.