Hello Friends Dear Blog Visitors In today's lesson we will talk about the profit areas of Facebook in detail

Profit areas of Facebook 

We all have a Facebook account, but we do not know how to benefit , from it after this explanation will be able to make good amounts of your Facebook account  .        Follow me well

 Profit from Facebook via videos

Now Facebook video publishers can sign up for Ad Breaks, and earn from their videos by placing ads on them. Profit from Facebook videos is much like profit from YouTube.

It works like this: Every Facebook page owner uploads videos and shares them with followers.

In fact, why is it so simple?
Here's a list of terms for making a profit from Facebook videos:

Videos must be posted from a Facebook page and not from a personal account.
This page should have at least 10,000 followers.
Profit from Facebook videos must be available in your country and in the language in which you post the videos.
Unfortunately so far, Facebook videos are not available for all languages ​​and for all countries, but according to Facebook that by the end of 2019 more languages ​​and countries will be included. You can view the list of languages ​​and countries where YouTube videos are profitable at the link below
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In the last 60 days, you should have had 30,000 views for at least one minute, and the videos you got should be at least 3 minutes long.
Eligibility criteria must apply to you for earnings
The eligibility criteria here are a set of terms and conditions for the content of the videos themselves, which can be found at the link below
If the terms of profit from Facebook via videos apply to you, then you can start by the link below

Profit from Facebook via App

In April 2014, Facebook expanded its subscription to its advertising company Audience Network, through which each smartphone app owner can profit from this app.

If you have an app for smartphones running Android or IOS, you can register with the Facebook subsidiary of Audience Network, and then place ads on this app so that you can earn from those ads.
In case you have an app and want to profit from it via Facebook, you can get started by the link below.

Profit from Facebook via Facebook Marketplace

Now all Facebook users can offer their products for sale to other users, through the great service offered by Facebook Marketplace. In short, this service enables everyone to add their own products to appear in front of other users according to geographical distribution.

Through Facebook Marketplace, the product owner and the buyer communicate through Facebook Messenger, and everything is agreed upon and the sale process is achieved and then the profits of the product owner

Profit from Facebook by commission marketing

In affiliate marketing you can use Facebook's marketing power for others, and in return you get commission from the company or website you are marketing for. There are offers, services and products in almost all the interests you imagine. Whatever the topic your page or group is talking about, there is always a service, commodity, or offer suitable for their content.

The great thing here is that you can create a page specifically if you find a good product that allows commission marketing, and of course you can use funded ads to get the highest possible profit

Profit from Facebook by getting visitors to your blog or your site

If you have a writing skill and are really interested in the topic your Facebook page is on, and you have good information you can create a blog or website and write articles like your publications, but in a more organized, professional and comprehensive manner. In this case instead of sharing your thoughts directly to the members of your page, you will send them to your site or blog, and of course there are many ways to profit from websites, one of which you can use to generate profits.

If you don't have the skills to write professional articles, you can use my previous topic on how to write an article. Also, for the easiest way to create a website, you can use WordPress.

It is worth mentioning here that you can also market your online store on Facebook, get more sales, and then more profits.

In this article I tried to cover the idea of ​​profit from Facebook from a lot of aspects, and outlined the most important ways of profit from Facebook, either direct or indirect. But in fact there are many, many other sub-ways, especially on the indirect side, which are formed according to the marketing goal you want to achieve through Facebook.

I hope this article will inspire many young people, to take advantage of this enormous power called Facebook.
I am very pleased to receive your posts via the comments below, also allow you to ask you to share this article on social networking sites, and contribute to change someone's life for the better.