Today I offer you a comprehensive guide in the profit of CPA and achieve 1000 dollars per month from zero to achieve your first dollar of this distinctive field so this article will be long I advise you to close the rest of the pages and focus on it completely

CPA explanation and what exactly? And how to profit from this area

It is simply the price for the movement and may be the registration of this site or the introduction of information such as e-mail and postal number or the installation of programs or applications or the purchase of a particular product or even just add a credit card and get the product for free for a trial period.
  You can profit from CPA through companies or networks specialized in the manufacture of offers that act as an intermediary between the advertiser and the publisher, where the publisher gives these offers, which are marketed and given a certain commission of the value of the offer in exchange for marketing.

Where exactly do I start? And what do I need to start earning money from marketing CPA offers

To start in the field of cpa you first choose the company that suits you and suit your experience in the field If you are a beginner will not accept any large CPA company so you have to choose companies that accept beginners and secondly you have to check the payment methods that suit you because the payment methods from different offers sites you find who pays PayPal and Pioneer or bank transfer or other methods such as payment via cryptocurrencies as well
I advise you at the beginning affpaying site is the largest platform for the search for CPA companies and even evaluate them by users and also find proof of payment and payment methods to ensure your rights

What do you need to get started in CPA

A website that is required to be a paid domain and does not matter on any platform you have made since there is no difference between the blogger platform or WordPress. And you will need the site because when you try to fill the registration form of any company CPA will ask you to provide them with your link to your site, and here I prefer to be your site Nish any specialist in a particular area because it will facilitate you to promote offers and also advise you not to provide a new site has no ranking on Alexa because that A negative signal that your site is not good or you could be a spammer.

You can buy from the same company that you took the domain such as Godaddy company for example, this will help you gain the credibility of the company to accept you, but do not worry even Gmail can accept that I have literally followed the advice I will give you I am registered with the largest CPA company in the world, Peerfly Mail via Gmail.
Profit from CPA

A balance of money to promote offers such as $ 50 as a start and do not worry if you are unable to promote paid I'll also teach you some ways to promote CPA offers

How do I promote CPI offers? And what are the best types of traffic?

The most important stage in the area of ​​profit from CPA is of course the promotion of the offer and choose the appropriate traffic to bring traffic to the show that you are promoting and here I want to show that the ways to bring traffic or traffic are many, according to my experience I will shorten it in two sites offer this property in a free way Paid (of course paid more targeted and more profit).

Promoting offers via Reddit

Reddit is one of the best places to get many targeted visits, especially since most of the visitors from the United States, Canada and Australia and the proportion of visitors is very large as it is the sixth in the world and the fourth in America according to Alexa statistics, so I will teach you two ways to promote through this site first The second driven.
The free way to promote CPA offers
To promote your offers through Reddit, you first have to create an account on this site and then activate the account by commenting on people's posts to get so-called Karma points and when you get a large number of points you can put your first link (of course not Put the profit link directly but will put the link Andij Beige as we explained earlier) and put the link in the right place or so-called subreddits
Of course the site contains many subreddits so you have to choose the appropriate according to the offer that will be published in order to get the largest number of people targeted
Did you understand well the way? Don't worry my brother will give you a practical example about this strategy.
Let's say I chose to promote NordVPN, which is a great VPN program. Sales and therefore easy profits from this offer even though I did not pay any cent!