Most bloggers seek to make a good income through their blogs, but the dream of profit from the Internet and owning a famous website is the motivation that keeps them on their blogging track and spend many hours developing their blogs and implementing various possible ways to achieve that beautiful dream.
Profit from Google Adsense is one of the most important ways to achieve a decent income from your site by displaying ads from other sites on your site and profit when a visitor clicks on your ads 
or the number of views of an ad.

Instructions you must take before submitting your application to Google AdSense:

Before you get into the criteria adopted by Google AdSense, you must know my dear brother that even if you meet all the required conditions, this does not always guarantee you to get a Google AdSense account, but you will have about 90% chance to accept your blog in Google AdSense.

Blog content:

The most important thing that Google Adsense takes into account is the nature of the content of your site as Google Adsense does not accept pornographic sites and sites that infringe copyrights and proprietary rights such as pirated software sites and also everything related to drugs has been noted in recent years that it does not favor also sites Forex and Chat.
Also don't forget that your blog posts have at least 300 words.
Your blog should be rich: at least your blog should have 30 posts.
Your posts should be exclusive: i.e. immovable from other sites.

It is better to have your blog specializing in one area because Google AdSense doesn't like public sites that talk about everything.

Blog design matters:

You should choose a beautiful and fast loading template.
The colors of the mold should be comfortable for the eye.
Don't have too many annoying Widgets.

Data Filling Matters:

You should make sure you write your personal data properly.
If you do not know the postal code of your area, contact the nearest post office.
Type your real name if you are over 18 years old and if not, write the name of a relative on the ID card so that you can get your money from Adsense via Western Union without problems.

Matters related to blog pages:

It is very important that you have a page about the blog or about me in order to describe yourself and the nature of your blog.
Your blog must be available on the Contact Us page in order to enable your visitors to communicate with you.
Having a privacy policy page inevitably increases your chances of being accepted into AdSense.

Secondary auxiliary factors:

If you have a blog with a high percentage of visitors this will inevitably increase your chances of being accepted into AdSense.
Pagerank is high and a good ranking in Alexa are also helpful.
Paid domain is also a catalyst.

Additional tips regarding Google AdSense

The biggest mistake that every blogger and every site owner in general is the exaggerated interest in acceptance in Adsense so that some believe that once he got the Adsense account will begin to make huge profits and when accepted surprised by the emergence of other problems, the most important is the weakness of visitors.
Therefore, my dear brother should not pay much attention to Adsense and focus on the most important is to provide useful and exclusive content in order to satisfy the visitor first and work to publicize the blog in order to get large numbers of visitors will enable you to earn important money through Adsense.
Do not rush to apply to Google AdSense and your blog is still under construction because your application will be rejected and this will reduce the chances of accepting AdSense for your blog when you submit the application the second time.