I present to you today a distinctive explanation of the profit from YouTube in detail in four steps and the lesson will be a comprehensive guide for beginners towards making the biggest profit from the Internet

Step 1: Create a YouTube channel

  Once you have created a Gmail account, Google will automatically be able to have a YouTube channel, so if you don't already have one, all you have to do is create Gmail.
After entering the YouTube site, click on your channel and enter the information and advise you when you enter the information about the channel to be intensive explanation and the area in which you will work, and add a professional cover of the channel and the image channel logo
Professional channel cover
Channel Logo
Professional description
Email communication through the channel
Important links such as Facebook and the site and more

Step 2: Upload videos on YouTube

This is the most important stage where I will give you some important tips
 First I will give you ideas on creating a channel that enables you to profit from YouTube
- Create a channel for explanations of programs or explanations of sites or other explanations.
Shoot a video for you explaining something.
- Filming places, for example, filming videos and editing to become a movie about a place (for example, the pyramids).
- Or through an agreement! For example, you may go to a company that makes films, videos or documentaries and you contract with them or buy the ownership rights of these videos or rights of use! , So that you get the copyright to this video.
- To become a vlogger, which are videos you publish about your daily life, filming moments of your life and displayed, but this thought is not widespread in the Arab world.
 Many ideas are my brother and the choice remains for you.

You can upload videos that do not have rights
 Just be aware that not any video you can publish means that you can make money behind it, YouTube is strict on this matter, so you have to first look for videos that allows you to publish their producers, which is an easy process and you can get those videos from YouTube itself through filters search

Step 3: Activating Profit from YouTube 

YouTube Partner is intended to partner with YouTube, which means that you will activate the feature YouTube Partner through the stages mentioned pictures
To activate the partnership, enter the youtube partner link

Step 4: Post your videos on social media to view views

Publish videos It is the most difficult plan in the field of profit from YouTube, where I will provide you, God willing, ways to increase the number of subscribers and views of any video will download in YouTube:

 The first way

It is a classic way! ,, Let us deal with the video as a natural subject we want to publish in the world of the Internet! The first thing that comes to mind is simply forums, right? Because forums are an open forum to publish what we want from our writings and new topics as well as we can publish our videos ,, Let us register a forum you are interested in and follow him from time to time or a forum you hear about him a lot and to start publishing your videos first put the video in a new topic and Copy the topic link and send it to the members who are now and then to the most active members and then to members who have activity in the special section in your video and so on and my experience that I brought nearly 400 views in two days using this method on one forum only !!
Suppose you used it on 5 forums during a week and say that the results were less than my video and suppose it is 350 per forum every two days .. Output 350 multiplied by 5 = 1750 multiplied by 3 and three any every two days 350 views of each forum ,, output = approximately 6,000 views in just one week with little effort!

 The second way

It is the strongest way in my opinion! It is a powerful but notorious ways and the reason behind it is a kind of promotion at the expense of others and the meaning behind my words because the way is to put responses to popular YouTube videos and give your response a number of Likat either by asking it from your friends or through Other accounts of your own and so everyone who watches the video usually read the first responses and through personal experience If you target new and high-profile videos you may get more than 1000 views easily and very quickly :)

 The third way

An old way you need to plan! You can post videos on Facebook on pages that are similar to the topic that your video is about, but be careful not to publish from your own account, but publish from your sub-account so as not to be temporarily attended to post links from the management of Facebook.
Youtube SEO: Youtube search results are released in 2019

 Method 4

Two birds with one stone! It is a way that needs effort but is of double benefit! Is a way to share traffic through one of the popular traffic exchange sites like addmefast but be careful not to post the video via Youtube Views because it does not give results 99% of the time but always post via Youtube Likes to get likes and views at once (two birds With one stone) which is guaranteed by more than 100%

 The fifth way

Is the way it is considered more expensive and less effort! And I personally do not use it is the way to buy views! Yes Buy Views Some offer you services more than 50,000 views for only $ 10 and this service I saw myself through the site Fives and there are others and choose what suits you.
God willing, if you use one of the methods or combined with perseverance, determination and commitment, you will find that your videos are getting thousands of views and subscribers.

Important information you should know
After the many problems of YouTube for 2017 has been adjusted to monetization conditions to reach more than 10,000 views, but with the year 2018 has become more stringent YouTube and profit will be only for people who work hard and do exclusive content as the terms of monetization in YouTube For the year 2019 is that your channel to get more than 1000 subscribers and the number of hours in the last 12 months of your channel exceeds 4000 hours meaning that the profit will be only for those who work hard and also that each channel will be audited by the support team in YouTube to make sure if Have problems or accept to earn money from your channel.