Getting 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing and monetization has become an obsession for everyone who offers content on YouTube , so I will present you in this lesson the easiest way to get subscribers and views YouTube.

Free way

Channel diversity

When creating a channel for the first time, the most important thing we are looking for is subscribers and views regardless of the content we provide.
In the sense that you should not specialize in tight nich but always try to expand

Work on popular content

At this point, we have to create videos that talk about popular content that has high interaction rates
In other words, if you see a video with a high view rate, use the same title, but the content should be your own

Use of large channels

And what is meant here is to try to quote some ideas and tricks from large channels that have good interaction, such as quoting some words in the video titles or some paragraphs in the description and some keywords used by the owners of those channels
The purpose of this step is to show our videos as suggestions for that channel and it will certainly have a big impact on the channel

Use of social networking sites

Social networking sites have a great role in increasing the interaction of the channel, both in terms of views or in terms of increasing real subscribers so you should post any video on your channel to share on social networking sites such as Facebook groups
Good luck to everyone

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