Have you ever dreamed of being a trader but you don't have enough capital to set up your own business?

The idea of establishing a regular store has become annoying because of the expensive costs, starting from the commercial store through the products and then the store and then the costs of equipment .. to another

You need additional income in the face of insanely high prices

What is Dropshipping

Drop Shipping is simply selling products that you do not own effectively either on your own site or on one of the major international stores such as Ebay or Amazon.With technological development, you have removed the barriers and borders between countries of the world, you can sell products from China in America 

The idea is simply that you will remain a broker. You will choose any cheap product from any website and let Ali Express offer it for sale on another website such as Ebay or Amazon or even on your own store and benefit from the profit margin.

In addition, you will not bear the cost of shipping, storage, packaging, etc. because the product will be shipped from the store to the customer directly

How to start working in dropshipping

  Dropshipping via your own store

As mentioned at the beginning of the article you can work on your own store by creating a site available on the system of e-store
It is the best way to start trading with the dropshipping principle, as you create your own online store, divide it up by category and customize it well. Then you bring him products according to the nich you want to work for.

Dropshipping via social media

- We can make a special page on Facebook for a specific product or category or a general business page and then we bring the products to them and share them on the page, but you must make advertising campaigns funded on Facebook and to target people interested in your products.
- You can also create campaigns funded through Instagram for your products and Instagram is one of the best advertising methods currently and gives good results.
- Sell your products via Twitter This is a new and wonderful way, for example, you want to sell a special product for cats You must search for Twitter pages for cats and correspondence with the owner that you want to publicize him in return for money.
- Marketing your product via e-mail where there are sites that provide you with this service for a material course, where you make a message by the product you want to sell and its images and all the details and then send the message to a targeted mailing list.

 Dropshipping via Amazon and eBay

You can do your own store in eBay or Amazon and then transfer your products to him and exploit the large number of visitors to these sites, but there is great competition between merchants and you must strive hard to take your place among them by bringing good products and cheap prices and ways of shipping and payment good because you will deal a lot With the American customer who wants things like fast and free shipping, but you can deal with suppliers located in America itself and thus deliver a customer to the commodity in record time.

How To Receive Your Earnings From Dropshipping

If you are working on your own store your money will be received on one of the payment channels that will be added on the site, whether wire transfers or wire transfers on PayPal or payoneer

In many people in the world working system dropshipping and made great profits, but since the competition is very large on the site eBay need patience, but the advantage on the site that every day  l of millions of customers from around the world want to buy from

Some important tips for beginners

 When you offer goods from the site you subscribe to Drop Shipping service:
It is wrong not to keep track of whether the goods are still available on the main store or you can not follow the availability of this service on a daily or weekly basis at most.
 It is better to offer a good price in order to achieve high purchase orders and in this context prefer to take advantage of the offers of the site and the main factory and offers as offers on your own store.
 It is better to deal in high quality products for you that includes winning customers and not only making my time profit.
 It is advised to request one of the goods on the site promoted and deal with him dropshipping service to test the quality of its products and ensure customer satisfaction.
 It is recommended to deal with wholesalers and offer wholesale products as well as this achieves a distinct profit margin.